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Lean manufacturing is the process of cutting back on certain materials or speeding up certain processes to lower the overall cost of manufacturing. There can be key benefits to this approach to manufacturing, but it's important to move forward with a balanced view of lowering costs without compromising quality. This blog looks at that concept, but it also delves into other information related to the manufacturing and industrial fields. Ultimately, this blog is designed to help manufacturing professionals as well as B2B clients who purchase products or outsource processes to this field. If you have questions, I hope that you find the answers you need here.


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Benefits of Lean Manufacturing and Related Blogs

Three Central Tips for Improving Your Sandblasting Results

by Mark Peters

Sandblasting is an effective procedure for preparing surfaces before finishing. This process will eliminate blemishes formed during manufacturing, creating an ideal canvas for coating or polishing. Moreover, utilising an abrasive media during finishing work will remove deposits like dirt and rust from deteriorating surfaces. Consequently, the chosen finish will last long after application. However, sandblasting can be a complicated process. Here are essential tips to remember for effective sandblasting during your project.

Choose the Right Blaster The choice of sandblaster will determine the quality of work. Therefore, when looking for equipment for your project, you must evaluate the features of different blasters. Compare the benefits and drawbacks of each before purchase. The most critical consideration is the type of media used in the sandblaster. Ensure that the equipment can handle the abrasive material you intend to use. Also, think about the size of the different units available. Make sure that the chosen size matches the scale of your work. Keep in mind that smaller units are cheaper but prone to failure when used heavily. Additionally, check the ease of use to ensure convenience and good performance.

Acquire Good Media The quality of your abrasive media is a critical consideration when sandblasting. Therefore, you should choose a reliable supplier to ensure the acquisition of the best possible materials. When purchasing your media, confirm its compatibility with your equipment. Remember, using the wrong type of abrasive particles could cause your sandblaster to fail. In addition, the failure could void your warranty or translate into high repair costs. Also, check on limitations on abrasive particle sizes and impurities. Where possible, acquire media designed and processed for sandblasting application. Additionally, ensure that the media is suitable for the surface you plan to blast.

Check the Precautions Sandblasting is a dangerous process because it involves the propulsion of particles at high speeds from the equipment. Therefore, you must take precautions to protect yourself or your employees from injuries. It is advisable to choose a professional contractor for abrasive blasting tasks. However, a novice can also handle the work safely with the appropriate precautions. The most critical safety measure is using personal protective equipment. Under ideal circumstances, one should wear full-body gear to shield from the abrasive propulsion. Use goggles to cover your eyes, gloves for equipment handling and an apron for protection from stray particles. Additionally, wear a respirator to avoid breathing in residues from the blasting process. Finally, you should inspect the sandblasting equipment regularly and conduct the recommended routine maintenance for consistent performance.  

For more information, contact a local company that offers sandblasting services.