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Benefits of Lean Manufacturing and Related Blogs

What Are Sneeze Guards? All There Is to Know

by Mark Peters

Sneeze guards are protective barriers designed to prevent the transfer of droplets from sneezing or coughing. They are commonly used as a barrier between employees and customers, and they play a crucial role in preventing viruses or bacteria from spreading. Overall, they are vital in keeping your employees and customers safe. These protective barriers are a practical solution across many business applications from reception desks to restaurants and bakeries, cash registers, public transportation, and even the workplace. However, if you consider installing sneeze guards, it would be best to know a few things about them first to determine what would work best for your needs. With that in mind, here is everything you need to know about sneeze guards.

They Come in Different Materials

Glass and plastic are the two standard sneeze guard materials you will find. However, plastic is the most commonly used and preferred option for many reasons. First, several plastic options exist, including acrylic and PVC. In addition, plastic is typically more lightweight than glass, making it a perfect choice for several applications, like installations on work desks. Moreover, glass is more likely to be damaged than plastic, making it a more suitable solution.

They Are Also Available in Different Sizes

Sneeze guards also come in a wide range of sizes to suit unique application requirements. Generally, the perfect size will come down to your specific needs. For instance, screen guards come in different thickness levels, from thin to extra thick. The thin options are ideal for small spaces like office desks. However, they may not be as sturdy as their thicker counterparts. Therefore, thicker variants are the perfect solution if you are looking for something long-term and in high-traffic areas like restaurants, cash registers, reception desks, etc.

You Can Choose Permanent or Movable Options

Depending on your needs, you are free to select a permanent or fixed sneeze guard or shield or go for a more flexible movable option. Like size, your unique application needs will determine the right choice for you. For instance, you probably don't need a movable sneeze shield for your reception desk. On the other hand, if your business involves changing layouts regularly, a movable option will work best for you.

Some Regulations May Come into Play

You will hardly find any laws or regulations regarding the types of sneeze guards or shields you should use in your business. However, various authorities may recommend some guidelines depending on your line of business. For instance, your sneeze guard may need to be installed up to a certain minimum height off the floor. What's more, the sneeze guard or shield you select may need to be transparent enough to ensure proper visibility between people during their interaction. Therefore, it would be best to check with authorities like your local council to find out any regulations in play.

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