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Lean manufacturing is the process of cutting back on certain materials or speeding up certain processes to lower the overall cost of manufacturing. There can be key benefits to this approach to manufacturing, but it's important to move forward with a balanced view of lowering costs without compromising quality. This blog looks at that concept, but it also delves into other information related to the manufacturing and industrial fields. Ultimately, this blog is designed to help manufacturing professionals as well as B2B clients who purchase products or outsource processes to this field. If you have questions, I hope that you find the answers you need here.


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Benefits of Lean Manufacturing and Related Blogs

How Abrasive Blasting Can Help Your Business Thrive

by Mark Peters

Sometimes when you are working with metal, a job can take longer than you expect. It would be great if you could just take your piece of metal and immediately begin to work on it. Sadly, very often you can't do that, and preparing the metal surface for the work you need to do can often take as long as doing the actual work. Sometimes the surfaces you need to work with are rusty or dirty. At other times, you may need to deal with contamination caused by grease or a similar substance. Cleaning your material takes time, but it is a necessary first step before you can begin work.

How will you prepare your surfaces?

You might try cleaning your metal with a chemical solution, but that isn't effective on all types of contamination. A much better way to prepare your metal surface is to use abrasive blasting. Abrasive blasting involves using a nozzle to fire thousands of tiny particles at your metal. As these particles impact the metal surface, they remove the contamination and leave it clean and ready for further work. At one time the most popular particles used for abrasive blasting were grains of sand, but today a wide variety of particles are used, and each particle type can produce a different effect. By choosing the right particles, you can use abrasive blasting not just on contaminated metal but also on more delicate materials such as fabric and paper.

Can you use abrasive blasting for anything else?

You may not have any metal that needs cleaning, but did you know that abrasive blasting can be used for much more than getting rid of contamination? Abrasive blasting is a popular way of profiling a surface in preparation for applying a coating of paint or other coatings you need to apply. Abrasive blasting is an effective way to get this profiling done quickly and avoid the delays that can be caused by manual profiling.

If you would like to see how abrasive blasting can be used to help your business thrive, then you need to talk to an abrasive blasting company today. They will have the qualified staff and the right experience to explain which particles would be the best choice for your material. Their staff can talk you through the options available to you and show you how abrasive blasting can get you the results you need.