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Lean manufacturing is the process of cutting back on certain materials or speeding up certain processes to lower the overall cost of manufacturing. There can be key benefits to this approach to manufacturing, but it's important to move forward with a balanced view of lowering costs without compromising quality. This blog looks at that concept, but it also delves into other information related to the manufacturing and industrial fields. Ultimately, this blog is designed to help manufacturing professionals as well as B2B clients who purchase products or outsource processes to this field. If you have questions, I hope that you find the answers you need here.


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Benefits of Lean Manufacturing and Related Blogs

5 Tips for Building a Fire Pit Out of Recycled Bricks

by Mark Peters

Recycled bricks can work beautifully for all kinds of projects, and that can include making a fire pit. If you want to create a fire pit out of recycled bricks, there are several things you should keep in mind. Take a look at these essentials:

1. Look for Fire Bricks

Paving stones, cobblestones, old building bricks and many other types of bricks are not designed to withstand direct exposure to fire. If you build your fire pit out of those types of bricks, the bricks will contain the fire and prevent it from spreading to nearby areas.

However, after a while, the excess exposure to heat will cause the bricks to become damaged and cracked. Additionally, whilst you are using the fire, these bricks tend to get very hot to the touch. That could be dangerous to children or pets.

Instead, use recycled fire bricks. They are designed to perform well in heat.

2. Mix and Match

If you can't find fire bricks in the style you want, you may want to mix and match. For instance, consider lining the inside of the fire pit with fire bricks. That's the part that the flames are actually going to touch. Then, line the outside with the recycled bricks of your choice.

3. Don't Insist on a Circle

Many backyard fire pits are circular, but making a circle requires special bricks. That can be limiting when you are looking for recycled bricks. Instead, consider making your firepit rectangular or square. That gives you the ability to use a much wider range of recycled bricks.

4. Check for Quality

Before using the bricks, check their quality. You may find free bricks that look alright at first glance, but you also need to ensure that they aren't going to crumble into rubble within a few weeks. Look for cracks—that can be a telltale sign that the brick is nearing the end of its lifespan. Also, look for discolourations and pockmarked surfaces. Uneven surfaces can make it hard to stack the bricks together. To avoid these issues, work with a reputable recycled brick specialist. They can help you find the best bricks for your needs.

5. Consider a Hearth

Generally, hearths are more popular for indoor fireplaces, but you can also add them around your outdoor firepit. The grass typically won't grow around the firepit anytime so you may want to add bricks. Alternatively, a perimetre of river stone can also look nice.